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Dr. Arihant Surana

Dr Arihant Surana is the founder and Medical Director of Monaris Hair Clinic. Dermatologist by profession with a passion for hair transplant Dr Surana started FUE hair transplant in India by launching DHI in India in 2008. He was one of the first surgeons in India to exclusively promote and offer FUE hair transplants in India in 2008. After a 4-year stint with DHI Europe, Dr Surana worked with Alviarmani USA. Looking for his artistic skills and passion for hair transplant Dr Antonio Armani appointed him as partner and medical director of Alviarmani India in 2012. Monaris hair clinic in partnership with Alviarmani USA achieved several miles stones in India and South Asia in the past 8 years. Dr Arihant Surana was one of the most loved hair transplant surgeons, not only by patients in India but across the world. Dr Surana now works as medical Director and Chief hair transplant surgeon at Monaris Hair clinic.

Dr Arihant Surana has done a maximum number of FUE hair transplant surgery in India. All transplant at monaris is exclusively done by him. His global experience with DHI, Alvi Armani and top Doctors around Europe, Dubai and the USA makes him one of the best hair transplant surgeons in India.

Dr Arihant Surana believes hair transplant is not a surgery, it is an art. It has to be done precisely and every patient should be given full attention by the main surgeon. At Monaris hair transplant technicians will never do your surgery. We believe in quality hair transplants rather than quantity.