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Best Hair Transplant Techniques

Introducing Hair Transplant Techniques at Monaris enriched with AGF and follicle Boosters. After DHI, DHT, and FUE here comes the latest AHT. AHT has the specific advantage of getting high density and faster growth. After introducing DHI in 2008 in Delhi and Alvi Armani in 2012 Dr. Arihant Surana is now launching the AHT technique in India. This Hair Transplant Techniques and method of hair transplant is going to revolutionize the way hair transplants are done in India. With faster single day transplants and overnight healing of donor area, patients can see faster results and robust dense growth with single-day procedures.

Hair Transplant Techniques
Hair Transplant Techniques

Where FUE (follicular unit extraction) is a Hair Transplant Technique of extraction and DHI ( Direct Hair Implantation) is a technique of implantation by using Choi implanter AHT is a perfect Hair Transplant Technique for Extraction, design, density, and implantation.

Why AHT is better than other Hair Transplant Techniques?

AHT technique ensures that the main surgeon of the clinic is involved in hair transplants. Autologous Hair Transplant Techniques is the ideal name for any hair transplant as FUE and DHI are just a technique for extraction and Implantation. They are not complete transplants. AHT hair transplant technique ensures that your hair is grafted in the perfect design and not placed randomly. Like in other techniques such as FUE and DHT, follicles are implanted randomly without separating them into single doubles and triples. With randomly placed hairs it’s not possible to create a perfect hairline (usually contains a single hair follicle), or high density (with multiple hair follicles). DHT involves directly transferring the hair to the scalp as soon as it’s extracted. AHT gives far superior density and design not possible with any basic technique.

Graft Preservation in AHT

In AHT Grafts are preserved in special growth factor preparations in place of saline or ringer lactate. This improves the survival rate of grafts and better regrowth. When Implanted grafts are taken up much faster compared to other techniques.

AHT Procedure

AHT technique is much faster as compared to FUE hair transplant techniques. The entire procedure from extraction and Implantation can be done in a single day compared to 2-3 days in other FUE and DHT. With the AHT technique, 4000 grafts can be extracted and Implanted in 6-8 hours compared to 2 days procedure in other techniques. This saves time for surgery. two days of anesthesia Injections and a longer healing period.

Quick Healing of Donor Area

No bandage is required from Day 1 of the surgery. Normal shampoo can be done on the next day of surgery. In most hair transplants it takes 2-3 days to remove the bandage. There is no pain during and post the transplant. So no painkillers are given before, during, or after the surgery in the AHT technique.

Get your AHT Hair transplant Exclusively at Monaris

 Monaris Hair Clinic offers all hair transplant techniques. You have to decide what’s best for you. You also have an option to consult our surgeon for knowing which technique is best for you and why.