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Hair Transplant Repair

Repair hair transplant is the process of correcting hair transplant which has gone wrong. Cases of repair hair transplants have increased in recent years. There could be many reasons where a patient has to undergo a repair hair transplant. Following are the common causes of patients needing a corrective hair transplant surgery

  1. Low density Transplant:- Transplant results vary from clinic to clinic. Young and new clinic usually do smaller session covering large area of scalp. This leads to small number of grafts placed in bigger area. In these cases hair follicles are placed far away from each other. Most of these transplants ends up with low density. Low density where grafts are placed far away from each other usually require repair.
  2. Hairline Correction:- Too low or too high hair line can look bad on face and can give artificial look. Hairline correction is probably the most common repair procedure in transplant. Hair line in any individual should be designed keeping in mind the ageing process. All hairlines should look good at 25 as well as 50. Too low and too broad hair lines should be avoided. In males temples should match size of face, eyebrow elevation and nose shape. All patients should not get same hairline.
  3. No growth after Hair transplant:- Growth after hair transplant usually starts after 4 months and it takes 12 months for complete results. Little or no growth after 12 months is usually a sign of failed transplant. These patients may need a repair hair transplant. Usually first transplant is always the best hair transplant. Patients should not compromise on the quality of first hair transplant. Once transplant gone wrong and no growth is there the grafts are lost for ever.

Hair transplant Repair at monaris

At Monaris, we ensure that your hair transplant is not overdone. We ensure you meet the main surgeon in your first visit itself. This ensures proper guidance and planning for your hair transplant surgery. Our surgeons will never advise you of very large sessions as there are always chances of failed transplant with more than 4000 grafts in a day. At Monaris, we have been successfully doing corrective surgeries for the last 14 years. Our consultant will give you a clear picture of your expected results on the first visit itself. Results in a repair transplant depend on the quality of donor area, scarring in the recipient area and post care.