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Growth Factor Concentrate

Growth Factor Concentrate (GFC) Hair Loss treatment

Are you thinking of getting PRP done for hair regrowth? The results of PRP depends on certain growth factors released by platelets. The concentration of platelets in PRP is variable from clinic to clinic. There are very few standardized kits available in the market which can give the best results. That’s why most of the clinic results are variable and also the price of PRP.

Monaris skin and Hair clinic recently introduced Growth factor concentrate (GFC) treatment to fight hair loss. GFC is the latest and most advanced treatment to treat early hair loss in patients. Where the world is doing PRP for hair loss till now Growth Factor Concentrate will be soon taking over all PRP treatments in India and the world.

Growth Gactor concentrate Therapy for Hair Loss

PRP is almost outdated and the new technique which is used by Monaris is GFC. Also known as GROWTH FACTOR CONCENTRATE this technique has been introduced in the Monaris clinic in Delhi. GFC contains 79.2 times higher concentration of VGEF, 73.6 times higher value of PDGF, 12.3 times higher value of p-selectin compared to the best PRP kits available in India.

Who can take GFC Therapy

​Anybody facing hair loss in the early stages and late stages depending on the advice from your Doctor will be fit to take GFC therapy. GFC is effective in both males and females.

What is the duration and session required

​Three sessions over a period of 3 months are required initially. Followed by maintenance sessions once in 4-6 months can be done. Results are visible from reduced hair fall increased hair thickness and hair count.​

​What are the side effects of GFC Therapy

​Since Monaris GFC is pure and does not contain any RBCs or WBC’s risk of pain and inflammation is minimal. Patients can immediately resume normal activities after the procedure. It takes approximately one hour for the procedure.

​What is the cost of GFC treatment

​The cost of GFC treatment in Delhi starts from 8000 and go up to 12000 Rs per sitting. Good clinics use standardized GFC kits made by top companies and are done by dermatologists only.