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Welcome to Monaris Hair Transplant Clinic! In today’s image-conscious world, concerns about hair are widespread. Many individuals, young and old, experience hair loss problems, which can become more critical with age. Numerous hair transplant clinics offer various surgeries to address issues like hair thinning or severe hair loss. For the best care, it’s crucial to choose a clinic with skilled surgeons, like Monaris Hair Clinic. Why choose Monaris? With over 15 years of experience, we excel in delivering successful hair transformations through advanced technology-based surgeries. From various hair transplants to treatments like PRP and GFC, Monaris Hair Clinic is a trusted name in comprehensive hair solutions. Gain confidence in your hair’s future with our professional surgeons and cutting-edge technology.

Types of Hair Transplants offered at
Monaris Hair Clinic


AHT ( Autologous Hair Transplant)

Monaris Hair Clinic asserts that AHT is the superior procedure for thick, dense hair with faster growth. In AHT, the main surgeon, not a technician, exclusively uses specialized machines for extraction, ensuring safety. Grafts are carefully preserved in Autologous Growth Factors, enhancing the transplant’s safety and effectiveness. AHT emphasizes advanced hairline design and graft implantation for natural, undetectable results. This time-saving and painless process is performed by Monaris Hair Clinic’s skilled surgeons, ensuring precision and care for painless, natural hair in a single surgery.



DHI ( Direct Hair Implant )

DHI or direct hair Implantation technique is derived from FUE where a hair transplant surgeon extracts hair follicles one by one from the back of the scalp and Implants them Immediately on the front. This is the original Direct Hair Implantation technique. But DHI itself does not follow this technique anymore. A pen-like device called a CHOI implanter is used to implant hair follicles one by one on the scalp. In my experience, it’s difficult to achieve high density with one DHI transplant. May need multiple sessions for achieving dense results.



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FUE( Follicular Unit Extraction)

The best and most popular hair transplant surgery is FUE Hair Transplant! FUE hair transplant is a process in which individual hair follicles are extracted from the donor area and transplanted on the required areas with thin or almost no hair. The process is safe enough with very minimal side effects and hair growth occurs just 4 months after the surgery. Our expert surgeons at Monaris Hair Clinic have been delivering successful FUE hair transplants with maximum patient satisfaction.

FUT( Follicular Unit Transplantation)

In FUT hair transplant, surgeons typically use the back of the head as the donor area. This involves extracting a scalp strip, dissecting it, and transplanting individual grafts into the treatment area. FUT is suitable for those with male pattern baldness and large bald patches. While not highly recommended nowadays, FUT has its merits but may take longer for results. Monaris Hair Clinic’s skilled surgeons can perform FUT with minimal side effects or hazards.


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Monaris Hair Clinic

Hair Loss Treatments

GFC( Growth Factor Concentrate)

The latest and most effective procedure to cure hair loss. GFC is very near taking over PRP to treat extreme hair loss in patients. GFC rejuvenates your hair follicles, decreases hair loss, and stimulates hair growth. Moreover, GFC can be preferred by both males and females facing early or late stages of hair loss issues. With the best surgeons at Monaris Hair Clinic, you can turn back your hair loss to thick shiny hairs with GFC hair loss therapy.

PRP( Platet-rich Plasma)

PRP has been in use since the 1980s. This hair loss therapy is an effective process in which a person’s blood is drawn and processed, then injected into the scalp. Even though it’s not much considered by most surgeons, this hair loss treatment has been termed safe and effective in treating hair loss and boosting hair growth. At Monaris Hair Clinic, our professional surgeons can provide you with the best suggestions on how PRP is safe for you and can deliver precise results.

Important !

why is it necessary to choose your surgeon wisely in case of hair transplant or hair loss treatment?

Monaris Hair Clinic has been the first choice of celebrity artists including top cricketers and fashion designers mainly because of one big reason. According to our policies at Monaris Hair Clinic, we only allow our main surgeon to perform the surgery. At Monaris Hair Clinic, we prefer “precision and quality over quantity “ For the last 20 years, our main surgeon, Dr. Arihant Surana, has been delivering successful and prominent hair transplants. Dr. Arihant Surana has a huge success range and is the most trustworthy surgeon as stated by several patients.

At Monaris Hair Clinic, we consider that the nurses and technicians must only assist the main surgeon. The whole transplant surgery from the extraction of follicular units to transplantation should be done by the main surgeon.

How to know if the main surgeon will perform your surgery? Well, you must constant the main surgeon before your hair transplant surgery about your needs and the required cost. Usually, the cost is a bit higher but that should not worry you as permanent hair surgery is worth any cost!