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The DHI hair transplant technique, also known as direct hair implantation, is a modified variant of the FUE hair transplant technique in which the extraction and implantation procedures are performed simultaneously. The DHI method/ technique is an advancement of the FUE procedure in which hair follicles are harvested from the donor location using a microsurgical tool and then transplanted into the recipient site using the CHOI Implanter, which is a pen-like device with a hollow needle. They give a surgeon angle, depth, and direction, ensuring a natural-looking hairline. However, there are challenges in respect of the DHI technique which is one has to limit the extraction of grafts, and the density of the hair also becomes challenging and might lead to unsatisfactory results.

DHI Hair Transplant

DHI Hair Transplant

What to expect on the day of the procedure?

Individual hair follicles are retrieved one by one from the donor area using a disposable tool with a diameter of 1 mm or less. Hair follicles are transplanted directly into the area suffering from hair loss using the CHOI Implanter, with a diameter of 1 mm or less, immediately after extraction. Before implantation, the doctor does not need to make any holes or slits. Since each graft is placed with complete control over depth, direction, and angle, it will produce 100 percent natural results with maximum visibility.

After the restoration is complete it shall take 5-6 days to heal and within 3 months you may see your entire heavy new hair.

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