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DHI hair transplant

Most of the men and women face evident hair fall in their whole lifetime. Hair fall has been a menace for a considerable period of time. Hair fall needs attention. Many people have also dug a hole into their pockets in order to curb hair loss completely.

Hair transplants have also come to the rescue. A hair transplant is considered to be a permanent solution in that case. There are several types of hair transplants. All of them aim to serve the same purpose but employ different procedures to achieve that.

While listening about hair transplants you must have come across DHI hair transplants. To know more about it read the full article till the end.

What is a DHI hair transplant?

Direct hair transplant is a very simple, effective and feasible technique with the help of which hair problems can be eliminated permanently. In this type of hair transplant, the follicular unit extraction technique is used in an upgraded form. Direct hair transplant is an effective surgical procedure that scrapes baldness completely.

In FUE, a surgeon usually cuts channels manually from the scalp before the placement of hair follicles. While on the other hand the DHI, uses a pen-shaped tool so that it can get utilized simultaneously. People often consider it as a modified version of FUE hair transplant.

DHI can be helpful in both men and women. But men usually consider it as a viable option to regain their fuller look. DHI hair transplant is considered to be one of the most sought after techniques which can lead to several benefits altogether.

Benefits of DHI hair transplant

DHI hair transplant is a very effective way of regaining original look back. Let’s discuss more the benefits of DHI hair transplant:

Benefits of DHI hair transplant

  • It is a very feasible technique
  • The results after hair transplants are very effective and desirable
  • The HI technique does not involve much scaring and spot marks.
  • The grafts used are of the highest qualities
  • Based on the patterns of hair fall the DHI hair transplant is a very safe technique and involves minimal side effects
  • The hair growth is much ahead than that of other techniques
  • The quality of new hair growth is of premium quality

Due to several benefits, DHI hair transplant is considered to be a very great option for regaining fuller hair once again.

Possible side effects of DHI hair transplant

Every coin has two faces. Similarly, DHI hair transplants also possess several side effects. The side effects of DHI hair transplant are listed below:

  • The anesthetics used during surgeries can cause adverse reactions in many people.
  • During surgery, many people are likely to develop infections that can cause health impacts. This can mainly occur both in the donor or receiver’s sites.
  • The shock hair loss can extend up to 2 months after the surgery. It can even span for more than 2-3 months in some cases.
  • Although the DHI hair transplant mimics your original hair it can cause a lot of aesthetic imbalance in many.

There can be a lot of other adverse effects involved but the above-mentioned complications have been fairly common. In case of any evident adverse effect, one should always seek professional attention or else this can intensify more and cause a lot of difficulties in future.