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Autologous Hair Transplant means Hair transplant done by extracting hair follicles from the same individual. In fact all hair transplant done through out the world are actually Autologous. You know them by names of FUT or FUE. FUT or FUE are only method of extraction of hair follicle.

AHT is the complete hair transplant which includes FUE method of follicle extraction, technique to design the hair follicles in a way to give illusion of maximum density, segregation and Placement of hair follicles in multiple groups of single doubles and triples,  latest method of follicle implantation with NO TOUCH technique to prevent any injury mohair follicles. 

AHT unlike other techniques of hair transplant needs extensive planning and bigger team to work with surgeon. Transplant is majorly done by main surgeon only. This ensures single hair transplant in a day. At monaris we believe every transplant is critical and it cannot be reversed once anything goes wrong. Hair follicles once lost cannot be regenerated back.

  • AHT hair transplant uses Specialized Autologous Growth Factors based medium for graft preservation during surgery. This improved the survival of graft during surgery. 
  • AHT is always a single day procedure compared to old techniques which may two days for complete transplant. With latest machines 4000 grafts or more grafts can be extracted in very short span of time. These machines are able to reduce transaction so maximum grafts can be extracted quickly. 
  • In AHT we never use poor quality beard and body hair as most beard hair are texturally not similar to scalp hair. Body hairs are all single and do not grow as long as scalp hair.

We firmly believe world will forget FUE and all hair transplant will be called Autologous Hair Transplant in future. AHT is the true and complete hair transplant developed at monaris and slowly getting popular all over the world.

Dr. Arihant Surana founder of Monaris and AHT hair transplant technique has been pioneer in hair transplant in India and world. He has extensive experience in working globally with companies like DHI Europe and Alviarmani USA for 14 years. His work on FUE hair transplant has been recognized globally with many cricketers and actors