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Celebrity Hair transplant

Monaris Hair Clinic is the most trusted name in India for celebrities to get their hair transplant. Dr Arihant Surana has done the maximum number of hair transplants for cricketers and actors in India. Some of them even advertise for other clinics after getting hair transplants at monaris. So what is that celebrities look for before getting their hair transplant

1.Trust in Doctor

Monaris as a rule never pays any celebrity for endorsing their clinic. These celebrities support us in our good work. Most celebrities have been associated with monaris for as long as 13 years and we have taken care of their hair loss journey with all our latest hair transplant procedures and hair care products. We are privileged to have top celebrities from India and the world as our patients. Their trust in us is what makes us one of the most experienced and trusted hair transplant clinics in the world.

2.Advanced procedure and techniques

we never let you down. We never let trainee doctors and technicians do your procedure. Our surgeons do not just make YouTube hair transplant videos and Insta reels but do actual hair transplant surgery for all the patients from the last 16 years. None of the patients of monaris to date in the last 16 years can claim that their hair transplant was done by anybody other than the main surgeon. Our consistent results and 100% successful hair transplant are what make us the most sought-after hair transplant clinic in India.


Safety is the most forgotten part of any hair transplant procedure. Both patients and clinics forget that any hair transplant surgery carries risk and all clinics must be well equipped with it. There are recent incidents of events happening in India with technicians doing the surgery. Side effects are rare but like any other surgeries carries a certain amount of risk. At Monaris Hair Clinic we take the safety of patients very seriously. Our Operating rooms are modern and well-equipped to handle all incidents. we are proud to never had any safety incident in the last 16 years of our hair transplant procedure. All our assistants are either qualified nurses or certified OT technicians.

Post Procedure care

Our hair transplant clinic does not forget you once your surgery is done. All our patients are like family to us and we look after you in your entire hair growth Journey. You get a lifetime free consultation with us once you have a hair transplant with us. Our hair transplant surgeon will always be available to you on the phone from the day of surgery. All medicines and procedures required by you after your hair transplant procedure are provided free of cost.

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