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Hair Transplant in India

1. Hair Transplant options in India

Hair Loss in India is prevalent and increasing at rapid rate. With age of hair loss reducing to 18-19 years from 30-35 years hair loss epidemic is effecting both young and old. Inspite of years of research and medical treatments hair loss and baldness in males is still not treatable. Most people end their hair loss journey with Hair transplant. India with 1.4 billion population has become a prime destination for hair transplant procedures. With qualified hair transplant surgeons and robust medical Infrastructure world is traveling to India for hair restoration procedures. Earlier turkey use to be the preferred destination but India has moved away from hair transplant by technicians to hair transplant by surgeons giving best hair transplant results.

In India Hair transplant clinics are mainly divided in 3 categories

Exclusive Hair Transplant Clinics – These hair transplant clinics are dedicated hair transplant clinics done by main surgeon only
Hair transplant clinics – These are clinics where all marketing is done for a particular doctor but usually transplant is done by junior doctors and technicians. Main surgeon do not spend time with patient
Hair transplant Clinics with training centers. – These clinics will have more than 2 doctors and mostly train new surgeons on patients. These clinics charge less to patients but charge training doctors to bring down prices.

Depending on budget and expected results patient can choose their clinic.

Hair Transplant Options in India
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2. Top 5 hair transplant clinics in India

In India New Delhi is the most preferred city for hair transplants. FUE hair transplant revolution started in New Delhi in India in 2008. Dr Arihant Surana was first hair transplant surgeon in India who introduced FUE hair transplant in India in 2008. Since then 99% of clinics now have moved to FUE based hair transplant from FUT hair transplant. This minimally invasive hair transplant procedure is changing the way hair transplants are done in India. The top 5 hair transplant clinics in India are

Monaris Hair Clinic (Previously AlviArmani)
DHI Hair Transplant
Dermalife Hair Transplant
Eugenix Hair Transplant
Medlinks hair Transplant

3. Top 5 Hair Transplant Surgeons in India

There are many hair transplant clinic in India and many new surgeons learning hair transplant skills day by day. All hair transplant results depends on surgeon hands rather then techniques. Only very few surgeons in India are there who do procedures themselves and are top rated. Hair transplant surgeon in India with more than 15 years of experience in Hair transplant procedures are

Dr Manoj khanna
Dr Arihant Surana
Dr Arvind Poswal
Dr Tejinder Bhatt

4. Surgeons Vs Technicians

Indian Hair transplant clinics can be mainly divided into surgeons clinics vs technicians clinics

Any clinic you choose is mostly because of the surgeon. But when you reach the clinic for hair transplant its possible you are handed over to a technician for follicle extraction or some unknown junior or trainee doctor does your hair transplant. this is extremely serious issue and most patients do not know what to do? Patients to clarify with surgeon he is consulting with about who will do the procedure. Hair transplant cost also varies with who will do the procedure. All details must be taken before hand so that you are not disappointed with your results after 1 year of transplant. Patients should do adequate research to prevent themselves regretting for life. Bad or compromised transplant is for life and cannot be reversed completely.

5. Transparency and Safety in Hair transplants

Transparency is Important when you undergo hair transplant in any clinics. Terms like Unlimited hair transplant, Cheap hair transplant, robotic hair transplant are the terms one patient should get alert of. Hair transplant is a surgical procedure and involved certain costs. Clinics resorting to these terms are not transparent. Its important that patients should be guided properly.

Graft count is another area where clinics lacks transparency. Most clinics claiming to do 6000 or 7000 grafts actually do half of it. Most clinics take out low quality grafts from beard and body in two days session which finishes almost entire donor area in single transplant. Hair loss is progressive in most young patients and grafts should be used judiciously depending on age of patients.

Most patients forget that hair transplant is not a procedure you can undergo in salons and with any doctor like dentist etc. Recent incident like death of hair transplant patient has happend because patient was undergoing hair transplant at a salon with technicians. Only research can save you from regret. Clinics which are top in India take care of your safety seriously. Patients should also not get their hair transplant with anybody and anywhere.

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