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Long Hair Transplant

Hair fall can be painful. Spending a hefty amount of money without getting effective results can be even more painful. In such a situation people go for hair transplants. Hair transplants are viable for getting fuller hair for a considerably long period of time. They have been trending for quite some time as well. More and more people are willing to get this procedure done due to its array of benefits. It is a very safe option to get an older look back. Hair transplants can be of several types one of those is Long hair transplant.

What is a long hair transplant?

Long hair transplant is a novel technique with the help of which one can get fuller hair without shaving the existing hair. Most of us have heard of hair transplant procedures where the hair transplant is done by shaving hair completely but this technique is an amazing one for all those who are already having long hair and are not comfortable in shaving their hair off. 
Long hair transplants are very frequent amongst women than in men. As women generally have longer hair and do not wish to get bald for hair transplant procedures. There are women who can even shave their heads off. Such women can undergo other hair transplant procedures such as FUE, FUT hair transplants and more for getting a desirable look back.
Isn’t it amazing that you can still get luscious hair without sacrificing even a single hair strand? Sounds super exciting right? Then what holds you back? If hair fall is persistent then visit your hair doctor and get hair transplants done without much effort.

What are the benefits of long hair transplants over traditional hair transplants?

Long hair transplants have a lot of benefits that cannot be observed superficially. One has to deep dive into the detailing and understand the exact nature of it to realize the array of benefits that long hair transplants provide.

Here are some of the benefits of hair transplants listed below:

  • It is an ideal procedure for someone who aims to get voluminous hair in a short period of time without getting shaved.
  • With this type of hair transplant visiting important ceremonies, planning for marriage within short notice can be possible.
  • People who are not that comfortable getting bald can also be happy with these hair transplants
  • Ideal for people with active life style who are in media, politics, actors and women.
  • Long hair transplants can be useful for people willing to get hair transplant without changing their look for longer time.

Possible side effects of long hair transplant?

Long hair transplants can also have some side effects. Let us understand the possible side effects of Long hair transplants.

  • Multiple smaller sessions may be required to cover large area of scalp with hair transoplant.
  • There are chances of damage to existing hair while implantation.
  • Daily cleaning of scalp can be tedious with long hair transplant.
  • Applying of creams and managing hairs can be little mesy in first week after hair transplant.
  • Long hair transplant usually do not require any bandages so bleeding can be visible in rare cases in initial days.
  • Others

In case of any adverse effects, one should visit a doctor as any delay can lead to several problems in future. So it will always be wise to seek professional aid.