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Robotic Hair Transplant is a Myth


what prompted me to write this article is when I saw a big ad in an Indian news paper about ROBOTIC HAIR TRANSPLANT.I tried to find out and then came to know that this is the same company that was advertising some other technique last year. They closed the shop and came up with a new name this year. Indians get attracted by fancy names and fancy ads. where the world knows only two techniques FUT and FUE Indian companies and clinic comes every month with new technique and names. With every new ad, the hope raises in patients that something new has come up in the world for hair transplant. Patients are fleeced left right and center.

Let’s know the truth about robotic hair transplants.

ARTAS system is one of the tool which has assisted surgeons in follicular extraction. I will call it a half robot as it can only help surgeons in extraction but the rest of the procedure is dependent on surgeon’s skills.

There is a machine called NEOGRAFT that assists in graft extraction but it’s not a  ROBOT. This machine was launched in India a long time back as MEDIKAMET and then withdrawn. Later it came with the name NEOGRAFT

ARTAS, NeoGraft- they are not a procedure, merely a tool used to obtain hair grafts that then need to be transplanted into the scalp properly by the surgeon and his team in order to achieve an aesthetic result.

So what are these so-called Indian robots? They are motorized tools to be held in hand and assist surgeons in graft extraction. None of these procedures can do 4000 grafts extraction in one go which experienced hands can do.

Patients should be aware of these kinds of tricks. They can safeguard themselves only by doing due research before going to any clinic. Please do not fall prey to ads like UNLIMITED HAIR, ROBOTIC HAIR TRANSPLANT, some NEW TECHNOLOGY, PHOTOSHOPPED before and after photos, cheap hair transplants, etc.

LOOK FOR THE SURGEON, LOOK FOR THE  SURGEON AND CLINIC EXPERIENCE, MEET THE SURGEON AFTER DUE RESEARCH, AND GET THE ENTIRE SURGERY DONE BY THE SURGEON. This is the only way to get a perfect hair transplant procedure. Any technique and machine is useless with out an experienced surgeon involved in your surgeries.

So next time you come up with some fancy name and technique do visit the clinic and verify it.

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