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Hair Replacement

From Bald to Bold

In Just 2 Hours

Hair replacement is the process of replacing lost hair with artificial hair. Hair weaving, hair patches, hair extensions, hair wigs, hair bonding are all different forms of hair replacement. The most common form of hair replacement is Hair systems and Hair wigs. People who cannot do hair transplants like those with Alopecia areata, Lichen Planus, cicatricial Alopecia, Cancer patients on chemotherapy, and people with poor donor areas are ideal candidates for hair replacement.

Hair replacement vs Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is the most natural way to get growing hair. Follicles from person’s own scalp are taken out and implanted in the same person. Implanted hair follicles develops and grows in scalp like natural hair. Hair transplant is permanent and ideal for people with sufficient donor area.

Hair replacement on other hand is attaching synthetic or human hair on a thin membrane made up of lace or silicon. These hairs are derived from artificial sources or humans. This lace or membrane is attached to scalp by various means. It can be attached by special glues or tapes, can be clipped with existing hair. Hair restoration done through this method do not grow on the scalp. The hair system or hair wig has a certain life and has to be replaced after few months. The advantage of the hair system is that any amount of density can be achieved through these systems. People with limited or no donor area can also get full head of hair.