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How much you should pay for Hair Transplant in India?

How much hair transplant will cost in India?


How much you should pay for Hair Transplant in India?

” What is the cost of hair transplant?” or “What is the per graft cost for hair transplantation?” or ” How much you should pay for Hair Transplant in India? ” these are the most common questions asked by every patient looking for Hair Transplant. The questions are fair because per graft cost in India ranges from Rs. 20 – Rs. 200, and it is really confusing for anyone to decide what is the right cost one should pay.

What are the factors which decide the cost of a hair transplant?

Hair transplant cost depends on many factors;

1. First and the most important deciding factor is the Surgeon’s experience. Hair Transplantation result depends on how carefully the grafts were extracted, harvested & implanted. At any stage if the grafts are mishandled then you won’t get best results, and that is where your Surgeon plays a very critical but important role.
– An experienced surgeon won’t perform more than 1 surgery in a day even if it is for less number of grafts.
– The Surgeon will perform the follicle extraction himself, because it not only requires immense experience to extract the follicle but extracting the right follicle is also equally important based on number of grafts required.
– Apart from follicle extraction, designing your hairline is another important part for a successful hair transplant where the experience of the surgeon matters. You get better results in less number of grafts only when the grafts placement is done correctly.

2. Other deciding factor for hair transplant cost is the clinic location and facility. The clinic establishment and maintenance cost is also a deciding factor for how much the clinic is charging you for the surgery. The cost even increases when the surgeon is performing only one surgery in a day.

3. In a hair transplant surgery 4 to 5 technicians required to support the doctor in grafts handling, counting, separation, harvesting & implantation. So the support staff cost is also included in the hair transplant.

Follicle extraction by Surgeon vs technicians?

As you know the he most critical part of hair transplant is follicle extraction and the essential fact about hair transplantation cost is who does the most crucial part of the surgery. Follicle extraction in FUE hair transplant needs skill, patience, and years of experience. Follicles that are damaged, transacted, and undergo wear and tear due lack of experience or wrong technique are less likely to grow after implantation. A surgeon understands the nuisances of this procedure better than a technician. Most of the Clinics train technicians to extract hair follicles to save time and cost for the patient and it is difficult to judge the expertise of a technician for the most critical part of the surgery. But it is the biggest factor in deciding cost for hair transplantation.

FUE Hair Transplant vs. FUT Hair transplant cost?

Which technique your surgeon is using is another cost deciding factor. FUT Hair Transplant is cheaper as compared to FUE hair transplant. FUT is an old technique and not suggested by any Expert Surgeon, as there are many complications with FUT. Though, it is cheaper because the surgeon’s involvement is generally limited to cutting a strip and sometimes making slits.
Today almost 98% of hair transplant surgeons are using FUE technique around the world because you can get desired grafts and density only with FUE technique.

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