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Three basic rules you should know before hair transplant in India.

A hair transplant involves taking out hair follicles from one part of the scalp or body and transferring it to the bald area. Today, Hair transplant is a very minimally invasive procedure. Hair follicles after transplantation grow on the bald area for almost the entire life. Hair transplant needs specialized training & skills for follicle extraction, hairline designing, density, and implantation. In India, most medical schools including AIIMS do not focus on hair transplant training. In fact, it’s impossible to get a hair transplant from AIIMS or any other medical school in India. Most top hair transplant surgeons in India have trained abroad or are self-trained. A well-trained team is equally important for a good hair transplant. The experience of the surgeon, the time he spends in the procedure and the experienced team decides how good hair transplant results a person will get. There are a few important things to remember before you get a hair transplant in India.

  1. Hair transplant Surgeon:- A good hair transplant technique is waste without a good surgeon. Extensive work and time spent in surgery is vital for surgeons to deliver consistent good hair transplant results. A good clinic cannot deliver good results without the 100% involvement of its chief surgeon. The first criterion for a good hair transplant procedure is to search for a good hair transplant surgeon. Plan a video or physical consultation where you can meet the main surgeon. Write down all your questions, your expectation, and all your doubts before meeting your physician. Do not just believe in youtube videos by patients and celebrity pictures put up by clinics on websites. Most of these are commercial paid marketing to attract patients. Real patients hardly ever put 20 minutes video praising a particular clinic. Like most awards and hair transplant associations membership is bought. Most content on google and youtube are paid. Believe in what you see. MEET your hair transplant surgeon physically if possible.
  2. Paid Marketing:- Youtube videos, google ads, celebrities getting hair transplants, and called patient videos are all paid marketing which every clinic does. But as a patient, you should not fall in this trap. Monaris clinic has never paid any celebrity any money to promote monaris for hair transplants. All celebrity cricketers, actors, fashion designers are real patients who have undergone hair transplant surgery at monaris. We only assure our celebrity clients of taking good care of their hair as we do to all our patients. As a patient, your expectations should be clear and well-understood. Because you see a celebrity cricketer on TV who was fully bald now having a full head of hair does not mean that those are real results. Most actors and celebrities when in front of the camera uses hair fibers and make-up to hide their low-density or bald patch. Use your instinct to decide right and wrong.
  3. Hair Transplant Cost:- This is one thing that most people focus on. Some patients do not want to know anything other than per graft cost. Does that really matter? The cost of hair transplant depends on multiple factors. Surgeon experience and time he is involved in surgery, Clinic Hygiene and protocols they follow, the technique used, instruments and medicines used, etc. For example, clinics that used technicians to extract hair follicle will be cheaper than clinics where surgeon extracts hair follicle. Clinics using standard methods of graft preservation, graft extraction, and design density creation will be slightly more expensive than normal clinics. Patients should always make a perfect balance between the cost and quality of hair transplants. Clinics doing multiple surgeries in one day mainly by technicians like hair transplants in Turkey will be cheaper than clinics that perform one quality procedure in a day always done by the main surgeon only.

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