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Hairline Reconstruction

What is hairline reconstruction?

Hairline reconstruction helps patients to restore and advance their hairline by way of a hair transplant. Hair loss in men is usually noticeable through frontal hairline loss. It usually starts at the age of 25 and can progress through 40 years of age.

How to reconstruct a hairline?

Hairline reconstruction as a part of a hair transplant requires excellent artistic skills, Facial anatomy knowledge, aesthetic sense and decent experience. A good hairline can make you feel better. Every human is different, with every face having different sizes, shapes, and features. So every hairline is different at Monaris. A good hairline reconstruction needs an excellent artistic approach to aligning the hairline with the distance from the brows, the length of the face, the distance of temples from the eyebrows, the angle of closure of temples and temple reconstruction. A good hairline with a high-density transplant will give you a much fuller look as compared to randomly placed grafts in the hairline. All hairlines should look natural with no orange peel appearance.

What is the best technique for hairline reconstruction?

In AHT hair transplant at Monaris Hair clinic, hairline reconstruction is always given priority. All incisions are made at perfect angles and depths using our proprietary method of implantation. The size of instruments used for hairline is much smaller to prevent orange peel appearance. Hairline incision and designing are done by the leading surgeon only. 

AHT transplant involves graft counting, segregation and preservation in growth factors, so it’s easy to place singles, doubles, and triple grafts as per the design. This is usually not possible in techniques that place the grafts directly after the extraction of follicles. 

Advantages of AHT over other techniques for hairline transplant

  1. AHT involves follicle extraction by the principal surgeon only
  2. AHT involves no linear scar and postoperative complications
  3. Design and density as per facial measurements.
  4. Different designs for every person. 
  5. High density gives freedom to keep short hair also.

Five things to remember before undergoing a hairline reconstruction

  1. Always trust your Doctor. Hairline designing is an art and comes with experience. 
  2. Never be aggressive with your hairline. You cannot have a hairline of 15 years old at 40 years of age. All hairlines are permanent, and they should look good at all ages.
  3. Every person is different, and your Doctor will understand it. The same hairline will not fit every person. Discuss your expectation with the surgeon all the time. Remember carrying your 15-year-old photos will only help you a little. Draw, design and discuss with the main surgeon rather than non-medical consultants.
  4. A hair transplant is for life. Refrain from cutting corners or trying to save some money for a lifetime of results. Remember a graft once extracted from your scalp is never going to return back. Choose the best surgeon with global experience and the best clinic always.
  5. Do not compare your results with another person. Your donor area, graft quality and physical health are different from others. A good hair transplant clinic and Doctor will give their 100% to get the best hair transplant results for you.

How much will a hairline reconstruction cost me?

Hairline correction and reconstruction is a minor procedure with minimal or no downtime. The cost of hairline correction depends on the number of grafts required, the technique used, the experience of the surgeon and your city. More experienced Doctors in major metros may be slightly costlier than in smaller towns in India. The cost of hairline reconstruction in India will vary from 65000 – 150,000 INR with the best hair transplant surgeon in the Major metro.

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